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Dental Implants

DENTAL IMPLANT 1The benefits of dental implants from Angel Dental can be life changing, providing an answer to any embarrassment, discomfort or inconvenience caused by missing teeth or loose dentures.

Dental implants are our treatment of choice for missing teeth because they look and feel like natural teeth whilst restoring normal function and appearance. Implant dentistry can change your smile and life for years to come!

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed carefully into the jawbone to act as an anchor to support one or more replacement teeth. Also implants can be used to anchor loose dentures.

What is a dental implant made of?

During the 1960s researchers observed that the metal titanium formed a very strong bond to surrounding bone, a process termed “osseointegration,” so pure titanium has become the material of choice for implants. Coatings of biomaterial encourage the formation of bone on the implant and so speed up the osseointegration process.

Why should I consider dental implants?

If you, like lots of people have lost one or more teeth, you may be all too familiar with the unpleasant consequences. For many, missing teeth leads to:

• An unattractive smile
• Embarrassment from loose dentures
• Pain or difficulty with eating.


What alternative treatments might I consider?

Your dentist will discuss treatment options with you in order to find what approach is best for you. Traditional dentistry can provide replacements for missing teeth using bridges, or removable partial or full dentures.
However each of these solutions has its problems:

• Bridgework usually involves altering natural teeth to provide a stable foundation for support of replacement teeth.
• Partial and full dentures can, at times, be unstable leading to denture sores or speech difficulties; there is also the psychological effect of having to “remove your teeth” at night, which some patients find difficult.
• Another little known problem associated with tooth loss is a process known as "atrophy," a shrinking of the jawbone that can progress relentlessly over the years. Bone atrophy not only affects jaw function, but can cause adverse facial cosmetic changes.


What are some of the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants offer an effective, safe and predictable solution to the problems resulting from missing teeth. Many patients report exciting benefits from dental implants, such as:

• Replacement teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth
• Improved taste and appetite
• Improved cosmetic appearance
• The ability to chew without pain or gum irritation
• Improved quality of life
One additional and very important benefit can be the reduction or elimination of bone atrophy or shrinkage, commonly associated with loss of teeth.

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